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Does CBD Oil Work For Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)? 5 Clinical Studies Say Yes! Today’s article seeks to answer a simple query. Does CBD oil work for Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)? In order to answer this query successfully and determine the effectiveness of CBD oil and cannabis-based treatment, we need to understand what Polymyalgia is. PODCAST What … Read more

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Cannabis Lotions 101 – How to Craft Your OWN Cannabis Topicals At Home! The push for cannabis legalization across the United States of America has put the people’s focus back on the benefits of marijuana. As cannabis legalization gets argued at a federal level, states around the nation are greenlighting recreational marijuana at a state … Read more

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Diem Blog Have you heard of CBD? You may or may not have. Basically, CBD is a hemp/cannabis product that offers a wide range of health benefits. In this post I am not going to get all sciency on you (is “sciency” a word?), I just want to talk a bit about my experiences using … Read more

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Searching for Reliable Information on CBD Oil Use in Cancer Treatment I am getting more and more questions from my patients about CBD oil for the treatment of cancer. They seem to be reading about this online or hearing about it from family members. Are there any reputable resources I or my patients can use … Read more

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CBD Oil for Panic Attacks: Can It Help Treating This Disorder? The prevalence of anxiety disorders in modern societies is alarming. In recent years, the sales of books about anxiety have increased by 25, and the disorder affects around 284 million people. Anxiety is like an invisible cage that many people feel trapped in. Being … Read more

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The Effect of Cannabis in Pancreatic Cancer The prevalence of malnutrition is overwhelming in pancreatic cancer patients, >80% experience a weight loss >10% of their habitual weight, which may develop into cancer cachexia. Cachexia may cause decreased quality of life, increased mortality and morbidity e.g. poorer response to antitumor treatment, longer length of stay, higher … Read more

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CBD Oil and Hair Loss Hair is a crucial factor in physical appearance. A thinning hairline is a cause for concern for many people. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can contribute to hair loss, making possible treatments as many as the causes. While it’s possible to reverse the effects of hair loss, sometimes, the … Read more

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What voltage for cbd oil STORE your cart in a cool-ish and dark-ish place. Like humans, Himalaya oil ages more quickly when stored in direct light or high heat. RE-CAP the cartridge to maintain freshness, locking terpenes in and oxygen out. STORE upright when not in use to ensure saturation of the ceramic core. BATTERIES: … Read more

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2022’s Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil: 5 Most Popular Hemp Oil Brands For CBD Tinctures And Broad Spectrum CBD Oils To Reduce Anxiety, Pain & Depression| Top CBD Oil Products Near Me Cannabidiol is prevalent in the hemp universe because of its quintessence, which offers natural relief from many burdens that distress us today. CBD, … Read more

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Will Hemp Oils and Other Hemp Products Test Positive on Drug Tests? As a healthcare professional, a common question that I receive when talking to patients and clients who are interested in incorporating the use of hemp products or hemp foods into their daily routine is: “Will eating hemp foods show up positive for THC … Read more