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See the benefits of CBD Oil for your dog. Our full full spectrum CBD dog treats help relieve your dog’s pain from arthritis, cancer, old age, general anxiety and seizures. Browse through our CBD products for pets. Our 750mg Oil for pets allows you to fill the dropper to the dose that we recommend depending on their weight. Shop our extensive collection of CBD oils, chews, & toy fillers. Our CBD products can help your dog if they suffer from painful conditions, anxiety, or seizures. Suitable for large and small canines with a taste they will love. Tagged "colorado cbd".

CBD Oil For Dogs Colorado



I’ve tried a couple of different CBD products and my dog either didn’t like the taste or the product didn’t really work as expected. The first day we tried ZenTreats it worked beyond our expectation. I’ve told family and co-workers to try it. I will be ordering again!


I just moved to NYC and my dog was having trouble adjusting to city life. These treats made an almost immediate difference in my dog’s anxiety level. Before she used to shake all the way down the elevator. Now she looks forward to walks.


These treats seem to be helping my senior dog with pain and mobility. She isn’t walking as stiffly and is more playful since having these treats each day for the past couple months. She loves them too!





OMG I have 7 dogs .. don’t ask .. all rescues ..This product is awesome .. fleas started jumping off the fur babies the first time I gave them these treats.

Tamber B

I live in Orange County, so fleas year round,& we walk where deer wander so suspect ticks are around as well In the three years of using EcoFlea, my now 7-year old has not had a flea or a tick.


My dog has been getting these treats all Summer long and no ticks or fleas. We live in a heavily infested tick area. I’m so pleased not to be putting the chemicals on her back which made her twitch and itch for a week each time.



For dogs, a daily dose of brewer’s yeast mixed with a small amount of garlic will help to repel fleas PETA

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Studies have found it takes approximately 15 tp 30 grams (2 to 4 full cloves) of garlic per 2.2 pounds of body weight to produce harmful changes in a dog’s blood – so your dog should have to eat a lot to get sick” American Kennel Club

“Garlic is widely regarded as a safe and healthy supplement to a dog’s diet, with benefits including flea and tick control” DogFoodAdvisor

“Brewer’s yeast is a widely acknowledged nutritional supplement that helps deter fleas in your dog.” Houston Chronicle

“In the USA, garlic is commonly fed to dogs due to its reputation for repelling fleas and ticks. The sulfur in the garlic is excreted trough the dog’s skin, keeping fleas at bay.” Whole Dog Journal

“Concerns regarding the toxicity of chemical flea treatments have drawn people to examine natural and non-toxic approaches to flea control. Add garlic to the diet of your dog as a natural approach to control fleas. After eating garlic for a number of days, your dog’s blood will be unpalatable to fleas.” Daily Puppy


“Pet owners have reported benefits of hemp for dogs, including treatment of pain, arthritis,seizures, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction and more.” Veterinary Practice News

“Hemp oil for Dogs – is not psychoactive – reduces anxiety – can relieve pain – protect the nervous system– increase appetite and reduce nausea.” Dogs Naturally Magazine

“Hemp oil works to balance your dog’s bodily functions including mood, appetite, memory, metabolism, sleep, pleasure,plus movement and coordination.” Rover.com

“Research has found that hemp oil helped to reduce seizures, ease arthritis pain, improve mobility and quality of life and lower anxiety.” Great Pet Care

“There is no risk to your dog’s health due to hemp oil. Hemp dog supplements are natural and safer compared to medical drugs on the market.” GirlTalkHQ

“Why dogs need hemp oil – it reduces joint pain and inflammation, improves skin and coat health, and relieves anxiety.” Modern Wellness Guide


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CBD for Pets

Our CBD Oils (Cannabidiol), extracted from our specific hemp genetics, contains other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, & CBN and terpenes & flavonoids using MCT Oil as the substitute oil. Our 750mg CBD tincture is perfect for all pet owners, designed to hold serving sizes from pets weighing from 5 pounds up to 100+ pounds.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

Our CBD Oil formulated for any dog or cat. It contains 750mg of CBD so you may adjust dosage with the dropper.

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© 2022 Colorado Botanicals – THC-Free CBD Hemp Extract. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022 Colorado Botanicals – THC-Free CBD Hemp Extract.
All Rights Reserved.

CBD Products For Dogs

Our dog approved full-spectrum hemp oils, tasty treats, and peanut butter toy fillers are a perfect addition to your dog’s daily wellness routine and may help relieve painful conditions, reduce anxiety, and may support dogs who suffer from seizures. We have a broad selection for all canine sizes, guaranteed your dog will love. Our veterinary team can also work with your veterinarian to determine appropriate dosing and product selection.

FAQ’s about giving dogs CBD products:

How do I give my dog CBD products?

We offer full-spectrum CBD products, so our full terpene profile offers an aromatic character to some of our hemp products. After the initial response, dogs tend to love the taste and lick the oil directly off a shallow bowl or a clean surface. We do not recommend letting dogs lick the dropper as it can contaminate the rest of the oil once re-introduced back into the bottle. CBD is best absorbed more rapidly through the oral cavity as opposed to eating in food. However, studies have shown that dosing around mealtime contributes to a more effective absorption rate. So, if your dog is easier to give CBD in their food, it will still be highly effective on a treat or in their food. Learn more about dosing your dog with CBD on the VetCS blog.

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Can I give my pregnant dog CBD?

We do not recommend using CBD products in pregnant or lactating dogs because of a lack of safety research during pregnancy.

Can I give CBD to my puppy?

We do not recommend giving CBD products to dogs less than six months of age. If you want to use CBD in a puppy over six months of age for anxiety or high energy, we encourage you to seek a positive reinforcement dog trainer to assist you and your puppy on your training journey. If the anxiety persists, CBD might be a great option to introduce into your dog’s daily routine later.

Can CBD help my reactive dog?

VetCS CBD products have proven very effective for dog anxiety cases. Usually, for reactivity issues, we like to refer our clients to positive reinforcement-based dog trainers to assist with behavior modification issues as well. CBD dog therapy is a great additional tool that can be used during the training process to alleviate anxiety and help your dog focus on the training message being communicated.

Will CBD help my dog with car ride anxiety?

We have seen many dogs with car anxiety benefit from VetCS CBD products. We encourage pet parents to give their dose about 30-45 minutes before the car ride and start with small car rides to have a positive experience at first. Try driving around the block a couple of times, then rewarding them and going home. Slowly introduce more time to each ride to build up to your ideal car ride length of time. Working with a positive reinforcement dog trainer is also a good idea to help your dog with car ride anxiety.

Can CBD help my dog’s seizures?

VetCS CBD products have had a significant impact on improving the quality of life of dogs suffering from epilepsy. Due to seizure cases all varying in frequency and severity, dosing protocols can vary based on indications. Please contact our veterinary team to build you a custom dosing schedule specific to your dog’s needs.

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