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THE FIRST DIRECT SALES AND NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES TO OFFER CANNABIS PRODUCTS. Through The Hemp Network and then Kannaway™, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first company to sell Interested in network marketing? Here are the 13 top MLM companies for 2021-2022. The best CBD multi-level marketing businesses for direct selling. The CBD market has exploded over the past year. Products can now be found on shelves of many different distribution channels, but one particular channel has been gaining significant traction.


Through The Hemp Network and then Kannaway™, Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first company to sell cannabis-based products through both direct sales and network marketing companies. Medical Marijuana, Inc. made the choice to invest in network marketing and direct sales through Kannaway™ and the Hemp Network to take advantage of the network effects of sharing products and information, including the benefits of hemp-based cannabinoids.

In 2010, the Hemp Network became the first network marketing company to provide customers with hemp textile products under a direct sales platform. Tapping into an existing network of hemp advocates and business associates to promote hemp as a wellness product, the Hemp Network spread awareness of CBD hemp oil products among potential customers.


The Hemp Network provided the first marketing vehicle for global distribution of hemp products, helping Medical Marijuana, Inc. expand its market share for CBD hemp oil. Then in 2014, Kannaway™ was launched as a network marketing company to educate thousands about the benefits of cannabinoids. The company has successfully distributed cannabis product lines including CBD vaporizers from HempVAP®, a skincare line from Cannabis Beauty Defined®, and Rev!ve® products, through an experienced team of network representatives.

Kannaway’s CBD hemp oil products were also the first cannabis based products introduced to Puerto Rico when the company launched on the island. Through a series of education and press events, Kannaway™ was able to excite a dialog across the island on the benefits of CBD hemp oil and cannabis. Just 233 days after Kannaway™’s launch, the governor of Puerto Rico announced his intentions to legalize medical marijuana in the territory. The effort put into Puerto Rico, the U.S., and nations around the world earned Kannaway™ a nod as Start-up of the year in 2014 from the Academy of Multi-level Marketing.

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Under the leadership of new CEO Blake Schroeder, Kannaway™ is looking to pursue an expanded presence of their business model both domestically and internationally. Medical Marijuana, Inc. has made it our mission for hemp-based cannabinoids to become a staple in modern diets. With so much potential within this growing industry, we are proud to give people in the U.S. and around the globe an opportunity to grow their own health-focused canna-businesses under the Kannaway™ model.

Shop Kannaway™’s brands in our store, or visit the Kannaway™ website to learn how to become a brand ambassador.

CBD Oil Direct Sales

There are more new MLM CBD businesses launching each month, so keep your eyes open for new network marketing opportunities in 2021 and 2022.

Now is the time to start an online or hybrid home business like CBD MLMs. Hundreds of thousands of people are joining a top network marketing company in the hemp or cannabis sector or looking for one to join every month around the world. Globally, network marketing is nearly a $1 trillion dollar a year industry. What’s exciting about the cannabidiol network marketing business model is that more and more corporations are switching over and using it. It’s a great, efficient way to distribute CBD oil products and services by using word-of-mouth, rather than expensive advertising that isn’t as effective as it used to be. No one wants to be sold anymore by a loud annoying voice on radio or TV, and it’s very annoying listening to traditional radio with commercials in 2022 when you’ve been spoiled with satellite radio, streaming, or on demand digital music.

The laptop and smartphone entrepreneur movement is exploding with digital nomads getting rich from home or while traveling in 2022 selling hemp CBD products. As the economy grows more uncertain and being bossed around at a job seems a little outdated for the new information era, people are turning to the Internet, and their laptops, to make money. Becoming a CBD oil network marketer has many benefits, but one of the greatest is being able to work from a laptop or even cell phone from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

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When you join a CBD oil product MLM, you are given a personal website and maybe some lead generation pages or tools to promote any way you like. You are also given a control panel or dashboard where you can see the activity of your MLM business. I love online analytics and every day I can view how many hits my capture pages are getting for direct selling, network marketing, and affiliate sales. These landing pages and analytics dashboards are your tools for CBD MLM success in the new digital age of network marketing.

Out of this list of top network marketing companies, My Club 8 is the least expensive CBD MLM company to join, but My Daily Choice has the highest commissions. You decide which of these top MLM companies you should join depending on your preferences. Forget about investing in hit-or-miss pot stocks or massive cost marijuana dispensaries, join the best MLM businesses selling CBD oil in 2022 instead!

Of course, you can find many CBD Oil wholesalers and get CBD Oil for less money, but I am a full-time network marketer and make my living from home. The best network marketing companies do tend to tack on a little more to the price of their products, but you have to remember that you are basically purchasing a home business with the potential to make unlimited income.

Think how expensive it is to run a traditional brick and mortar business or cannabis dispensary. You have a lease, pay employees, pay utilities, merchandise and repair bills. Not with a CBD oil MLM company! With hemp network marketing or affiliate sales / direct selling, you can make more than a traditional business from your home for under $100 a month in 2022! You can’t beat that business opportunity with today’s inflation prices. Now get out there and succeed masterfully in MLM in 2022!

CBD, Direct Sales, & Multi-Level-Marketing

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused extra stress for consumers, and despite the expense, many did not give up their CBD use! However, with retail outlets closing and new deals online to attract consumers, the CBD industry experienced shifts in purchasing channels.

One purchasing channel that continues to see sales while flying under the radar is direct selling. In 2020, 13% of CBD consumers reported purchasing from direct sellers. This channel is also referred to as “multi-level-marketing,” MLMs, or network marketing.

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Growth Drivers for CBD Direct Sales

Direct selling CBD companies effectively harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It can be a powerful tool in an industry limited in its formal and social media advertising. Brands contract “affiliates” or “brand ambassadors” to distribute or advertise products and earn their own commissions.

The CBD phenomenon started almost exclusively due to word-of-mouth marketing, making this channel an excellent fit for direct selling. In 2020, 38% of CBD consumers report they first learned about CBD through friends or family. By contracting an army of “brand ambassadors” to promote and distribute, this is one of the most effective advertising methods available to this regulated industry.

Examples of CBD Direct Sellers

One example of a successful CBD MLM is Medical Marijuana Inc. The company is one of today’s largest hemp CBD manufacturers. It receives most of its revenues through its MLM arm, Kannaway . The company has also spread to Latin America. In this region, direct sales is a very strong channel and shows strong potential in the longer term.

Other companies, such as Hempworx , Koi CBD , and Prime My Body have experienced vast growth using the MLM model as well.

These companies offer a wide range of products. We see traditional tinctures that first dominated the CBD market, as well as beauty products with added functional ingredients like collagen. The successes of these companies should be noted by mainstream direct selling beauty companies – like Mary Kay and Avon. Once the US Food and Drug Administration makes its final ruling on hemp, these larger direct sellers could jump in CBD as a functional ingredient.

However, direct selling may lose steam as CBD products become more accessible, convenient, and competitively priced. The influx of digital marketing campaigns from big CBD brands has changed the dynamic of buying CBD online, making the future of direct selling unclear.

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